Our technology offers different product options of Direct Reduction Iron (DRI) from the same reduction process – Hot DRI (available also with the HYTEMP® configuration), Cold DRI, High Carbon DRI, HBI, and High Carbon HBI. Each of them can be produced at different levels of metallization and carbon. Being passivated and stable, Energiron DRI is safe to transport and store.

Advantages of Energiron product quality include:

  • Cold DRI, HBI and Hot DRI (HYTEMP® System) in every combination
  • Ability to control both metallization and carbon levels, unique in the industry. The product quality can be adjusted to best fit the client needs


Hot DRI is extracted from the DR plant reactor and is directly conveyed to the EAF at high temperature.


Cold DRI is reduced iron in pellet form, with bulk density of 1.6-1.8 t/m3 and high porosity, therefore it has the tendency to re-oxidize in contact with water and, at temperature above 80°C, also with air.


The High carbon DRI is a premium form of DRI, peculiar to the ENERGIRON direct reduction process. It’s defined as a DRI with a Carbon content greater than 3%, most of which (>90%) in Cementite (Fe3C) form.


HBI is DRI mechanically compressed at high temperature (above 650°C) into pillow-shaped briquettes, with minimum density of 5g/cm3.


HBI is characterized for inherent advantages for handling, storage and overseas transport.